About me

My interest in photography began as a child, being amazed whilst watching my neighbour conjure images out of mysterious chemical filled trays in his red lit workshop. I remember thinking it was some sort of sorcery or alchemy.

During various trips to Europe I began to catch the bug of documentary - using a camera as a sort of diary style of photography. On my first trip to Mexico in the mid nineties I met and travelled with a photojournalist. Watching her use the camera to create pictorial stories gave me my first realization of the communicative power within still images and although I have gone on to experiment with many styles and types of photography over the years, this has always remained a key element in my work.

Whilst studying HND Photography at Mid Cheshire College I worked as a stage photographer at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), during which time I began to take a lot more interest in lighting and portraiture. It was here I met and began to collaborate with students from the sound technology department, which in turn led me to work with various DJ's, a Birmingham based DJ agency called Resistance and clubbing magazines such as Mix Mag and M8.

On leaving college I decided to head back to Latin America where I lived, worked and travelled for the most part of six and a half years, publishing work with Getty Images, Pagina 12, Clarin and an Argentine travel magazine called Lugares. My last major work there before returning to the UK was a video and still image documentary for Feria Cooperativas America Latina. It was an installation promoting cooperativism in South America. This was exhibited at the Centro Cultural de Recoleta in Buenos Aires on the 25th of November 2007.

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